Beer Bottle Caps Map

Pop it. Drink it. Map it. That's the sales pitch of this new and exciting company called Beer Cap Maps. They make maps of US states with round holes marking every conceivable place or city within each. The holes are meant for beer bottle caps, so you can take home one from of each place and tell the world that you've marked the territory with your drunkenness. Almost all the US states are already available, plus international country maps of New Zealand, the British Isles, and Germany. Believe you me, they won't stop until they have a map for every country in the world!

Each map is laser cut from veneered plywood and uses a specialized cap capture system for holding caps from your favorite brands. For state maps, each state capital is etched into the map; small mounting holes are also provided for each map. Follow the link below for complete product details and for their complete product lineup.

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