Burger Patty Hotdog-Shaping Tool

This is the Ham Dogger, a device that shapes your patty into a hot dog, and it's genius. There are a number of relatively unknown brands carrying this (or a non-exact but wildly similar version), so we do not really know who to give credit to. Whichever way, this now belongs to the people.

Okay, what are the advantages of shaping a burger into a hot dog? Honestly speaking, not much. But it's a freaking hot dog burger! It sounds so right conceptually so it must taste really, really good. That's logic for you.

The Ham Dogger makes quarter-pound burger dogs. Just stuff the uncooked patty in and it will compress it into tight a schlong. Bun them up or stick 'em, do anything with them so long as you eat 'em in the end.

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