Childless but Rich Car Sticker

Stick it to every other stick-figure-car-stickered family's faces that being childless is simply a choice and is not as unfulfilled as everyone else makes it out to be. For one, with all the extra time and money that you have—you know, not paying endless tuition fees, art lessons, music lessons, toys, extra-curricular stuff—you end up, well, wealthier. Besides, you are just as content (probably even more so) than they are. No pesky, annoying children, no needy pets. Just you, your wife, and your loads of cash. Church.

Made from high-quality, 2.5-millimeter vinyl that has a 6-year outdoor durability rating. Available in multiple colors. Measures 5.5 inches tall and 6.8 inches wide. Easily applied using clear transfer tape. Follow the link below for the product page.

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