Drink/Drunk Shot Glass

At first sight, you simply would not have any clue as to what trickery this shot glass is about to bring you. It reads "drink" on its normal orientation, so one would probably think, "Hey, this shot glass is so kind it even tells me what to do." Then you down a couple, then a few more, until you're buzzed and begin slamming the shot glasses face down, as if telling the bartender, "Keep them coming!" Then, all of a sudden, that nice, courteous shot glass starts to read "drunk". And, at this point you're already doubting yourself because, well, you are (drunk). Little do you know it's all a clever ambigram that tells you what you have become after consuming all that alcohol. Sly.

Made by Fred and Friends. Comes as a set of two. Holds 9.6 ounces of liquid. Follow the link below for the product page.

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