Electrical Outlet Cover With Guide Light

The SnapPower Guidelight is a game changer. Well, in the world of electrical outlet covers, at least. A simple but genius idea, the SnapPower has a built-in light sensor and three aptly powerd LEDs at the bottom, turning it into an instant wall light cum dark-corner light. Outlets, as we all know, run all over houses or buildings, so just imagine if you have a number of these installed—instant illumination at little to no additional cost. All you need is an existing outlet—which comes standard in size—and the ability to read and follow installation instructions. Seriously, though, if you have installed an outlet cover before, you're good to go!

Available in single and duplex configurations, and in white, ivory, and light almond colors. Power consumption is estimated at around 0.2 watts in total, which really is nothing. Check them out now!

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