Hotdog Sandwich Glasses Case

People treat their glasses differently. Some give them utmost care and protection, while others simply don't give a fudge. If you're of the former, you may want to give your glasses this nice treat of a case. With your glasses inside this case, you'll be handling them with the care and precision of eating a hotdog while not letting it fall from its buns, or spilling any of its juicy condiments. Why? Because it's shaped just like that, so you'll be reminded to take care of it every time. That is if that's what you feel when you see it. Otherwise, well, it's all just a big "Because, why not?" should you decide to own one of these.

Measures 14.6 centimeters long (inside of case), 5.3 centimeters wide, and about 6 centimeters tall. Follow the link below for complete product details.

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