Liquid Plastic Welder

First things first, this is not just any other glue. Glue sticks everywhere and dries up too soon, usually creating a sight not to behold on top of a not so efficient fix. Bondic® is a plastic welder that you can use to bond plastic, wood, metal, and even fabric! It starts out as a liquid plastic that does not harden unless you need it to. Yes, it stays liquid until you have enough of it where you exactly need it. When done, simply use the included UV light tool and aim it at the liquid to solidify. A more simpler welder, if you may. Bondic® is heat and water resistant, as well as resistant to acids, oils, lubricants, etc. The uses for it are simply endless.

Starter kit available if you want to test drive it out and see if it's for you. Try it, you won't regret it. Follow the link below for complete product details.

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