Mini Ping-pong Coffee Table

Table tennis is just, well, a fun game to play. However, even though all you need is a table (and some paddles, of course), chances are the average home would find it hard to accommodate one because it's still relatively large. Enter this miniaturized version that's half coffee table, half ping-pong table. The read oak plywood table has room for storage below when it's an unassuming coffee table, but come playtime, it becomes a hub of fun. It even comes with a special ball that's more quiet, less bouncy, and retains its shape even if you step on it. By the way, the surface is also a chalkboard, so you can keep score with a snap, or let your kids go mad during arts and crafts time.

Designed by Mike Mak for Hong Kong-based Huzi Design. The table is available for purchase from their official site below. Follow the link to check availability and pricing.

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