3D Brain Coasters

These cerebral coasters form a three-dimensional brain specimen when stacked.


Salami Notepad

Write on hunger-inducing sliced salami notes for gourmet-inspired memos.


Portable Water Filtration Bottle

Transform any questionable water source into clean, drinkable, contaminant-free water.


Penis Grooming Kit

You do know you need to look good down there too, right?


Toy Car Head Shaver

Run circles on your head with this toy car and get a close shave while you're at it.


Potty Piano

Drop some tunes (among other things) while in the toilet and spend your time more wisely.


Watch With Live Ants

That's right, this watch houses up to five live ants that you can carry on your wrist wherever you go.


Commercially Available Portable Flamethrower

That's right, this is an actual flamethrower that you can (dangerously) play with.


Stackable Landscape Rings

These intricately handcrafted landscape rings can be stacked together to form your own on-finger mini scenery.


Bulletproof Messenger Bag

This seemingly innocent bag transforms into a 3-foot blanket of protection with a flick of the wrist within seconds.


PlayStation Controller Coat Rack

What better way for a true gamer to keep his gaming gear neatly hung that with this game controller clothes rack.


Liquid Plastic Welder

Repair broken stuff like never before—easier, cleaner, and more efficiently—with the world's first liquid plastic welder.


Tetris Pillows

This cushion set includes five different Tetris shapes—plenty to snuggle on while playing your new-world games.


Childless but Rich Car Sticker

Let the world know of all the money you save being childless and that you are just as content as others might think.


Drink/Drunk Shot Glass

This shot glass reads "drink" at first, but becomes "drunk" after downing your first few.


Hotdog Sandwich Glasses Case

A glasses case that looks like a yummy hotdog sandwich—because why not?


Darth Maul Lightsaber Room Light

Get the infamously iconic double-bladed lightsaber to illuminate your room and to always be in the presence of the dark side of the Force.


Game Controller-shaped Calculator

If this calculator does not inspire you to crunch in more numbers (for your own sake), then nothing else will.


Realistic Buried Skull Garden Decoration

These skull ornaments are so real that you can literally put a stop to unwanted door-to-door solicitations.


Wooden Rubber Band Gun

This series of handcrafted rubber band guns are modeled after their real-life counterparts but are seriously more fun.