Beer Bottle Caps Map

Mark the places you've been to with its signature brew because, let's face it, you probably don't remember anything else there.


Sign Language Wall Clock

This unique clock uses the sign language equivalents of numbers, instead of numbers, just cause it can.


Lego Brick Coffee Table

A must-have centerpiece for the grown-up LEGO® fan who already owns a home.


Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

If you've been having trouble saving up lately, maybe this purse will change your luck.


Battery Organizer

This organizer can neatly store up to 82 batteries of different sizes.


Scrubber Ducky

Scrubber Ducky, you're the one, you make bath time lots of fun!


Portable Ultraviolet Water Purifier

Clean, safe-for-drinking water at your disposal even if you're in the middle of nowhere.


Beer Mittens

Forget about holding other stuff, secure that beer while keeping your hands warm in the cold!


Time-locked Kitchen Container

Seal your impulsive eating habits for good with these smart, but very controlling, containers.


R2-D2 Felt Bag

The latest in geek fashion; better get your hands on these before someone else rocks it on the next convention.


Game Controller Coffee Mug

Hardcore gamers need coffee to keep them awake; with this mug, your hands will always be in gaming form.


Baby Viking Crochet Hat

Keep your mini viking warm while doing all that barbaric, but adorable, menace.


Multi-tool Bracelet

This bracelet has 25 different tools on it, available to you at a moment's notice.


Hanging Skyscraper Lights

A series of 3D-printed inverted skyscraper bulb shades that appear to grow directly from the bulbs.


Money Stash-lined Backpack

Imagine the disappointment of serial muggers when they realize the trickery going on inside your bag.


Cloud-shaped Toilet Paper Storage Rack

This toilet paper holder mounts to your wall and makes a cool cloud outline when you fill it with rolls.


Mug With Heart-shaped Handle

Since most mug handles form half of a heart anyway, this clever design made it whole.


Solar-powered Stove

This outdoor stove can boil a liter of water in ten minutes, using only the power of the sun.


Bottle and Cork USB Drive

A great way to send your high-tech message in a bottle.


Whale Tail Squeegee

Just a fancy-cutesy take on the good, old squeegee.