Portable USB Solar Charger

The future is definitely moving towards renewable and green energy sources, so you better jump on the change train as early as you can. In line with that and more, this next product is green, personal, and portable—solar power technology you can fit in your pockets. Power banks are all the rage; especially as phones get smarter—batteries can't keep up with their endless processing which has high energy requirements. Unfortunately, power banks also charge via conventional power outlets. So, when they run out of power, you're still left disconnected. Therefore, given these facts, a power bank that can charge on its own is a godsend.

The Brando Dual USB Solar Power Bank is just that. It has solar panels on it that harvests energy on the fly, and can also charge conventionally via USB. Awesome. Simple and very useful. Can also charge 2 devices at once. Follow the link below for complete product specifications.

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