Portable Water Filtration Bottle

Scenario: You're stuck in the middle of nowhere, trying to find your way, exhausted, tired, hungry, and thirsty as hell. Suddenly, you find a water source. Don't ask us what kind of water source, just that the important thing to note is that we are unsure if it's safe. Do you drink and quench your thirst but risk getting sick? What about your family—your wife, your kids? Well, if you had the Alter Ego personal water filtration bottle you wouldn't have a problem now, would you? The ingeniously designed bottle filters up to 99.99% of contaminants and removes everything from chlorine to heavy metals to agricultural waste—all in a 22-ounce, easy-to-carry bottle format!

Made by Aquaovo. Need we sell it more? Click on the link below to view the product page.

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