Refillable Sriracha Bottle Key Chain

Look, we all must now accept the fact that Sriracha is already a pop culture phenomenon. I mean, for a hot sauce to have its own cult following, that is a huge achievement. And now, all kinds of Sriracha-based products are popping out everywhere. And this is the latest one that spawned from the craze. The creators of this product really don't want to part with the addicting sauce, so they fashioned a bottle that looks like those attach-anywhere hand sanitizers or sunblocks (I don't know in your area or country, but that's what these remind me of in ours). So yes, no more Sriracha-less meals from hereon.

Sold as a single bottle, or as a pack of three or ten. Bottles only—you are responsible for filling it with the hot sauce. Holds 1.25 ounces of liquid. Follow the link below for the official product page.

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