Salami Notepad

Time comes when all you can think about is food. Come lunch, dinner, snack time, any time, especially when time moves slow. So, if you were to think about places or situations where such happens—slow-moving time warps—one place that surely comes to mind is in the office. Especially if you're wasting away on your desk—be it completely finished with work or stumped to the brim with deliverables that you can't get yourself to start working on. Because, really, that pending meal is probably the only good thing coming to you that day. Well, then keep yourself entertained with these mouth-watering salami paper slices. They're so good and realistic-looking, they make cheese out of plain, yellow post-its.

Keep refrigerated. Suitable even for vegetarians. 1,000 slices per sausage. Measures approximately 10 centimeters tall and 6 centimeters in diameter. Follow the link below for the product page.

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