Soap Bubble Hourglass

The magic of this unique hourglass is not in quantifying time, it is in the perception of getting lost in time with its unique, psychedelic, and soapy-bubbly presentation. Instead of watching grains of sand squeeze themselves into a bottleneck-of-a-passage, this one alternates between the exchange of water and air to and fro, to form an illusion that seems to defy gravity—stuff going upwards (instead of downwards in a typical hourglass). So yes, don't count on this one to be an accurate timer, count on it if you need to pass time in a quick and efficient manner.

Also serves as a unique decoration piece for any home or office. Made by Awaglass and designed by Norihiko Terayama. Measures 14 centimeters tall and 5.5 centimeters in diameter. Follow the link below for the product page.

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Product Video Demonstration