Tetris Pillows

Question: What do call a geometric shape that is composed of four squares that are connected orthogonally? Wait, what is orthogonally? Orthogonality is the relation of two lines at right angles to one another. Okay, thanks. Now, back to the question. The answer: a tetromino. Thank you very much, now you know what to call those Tetris shapes. And, should you be enticed to buy these, you'd know what to call your new pillows. Ain't nothing here but a set of five three-dimensional tetrominoes in squeezable, snuggle-able, cushion form. An excellent addition to any color-happy or game-themed room. Comes as a set of five (different shapes and colors).

Officially-licensed merchandise. Made of 100% polyester. Follow the link below for the product page.

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