Watch With Live Ants

The makers of this absolutely different watch—Analog Watch Co.—is "committed to exploring design through the lens of nature." Their watches are made with the intent of reminding the wearer of the elegance and complexity of the natural world. To each his own, so they say. Love it or hate it, it's pretty darn interesting. Besides, how often can you lug ants around anywhere and everywhere you go?

The Ant Watch houses 3 to 5 harvester ants; the watch comes with its own live ants, sand, food and water dropper, tweezers, and a case opening tool. It also comes with a care guide to ensure you don't hurt the fragile, little bugs. Plus, here's where it gets interesting—to add the ants to your watch, you'd actually need to put them to sleep. It's all in the care guide. So, yes, grab yours now if you're into this sort of thing. Follow the link below for the official product page.

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